2. Class 2: Deploying Cisco APIC with F5 iWorkflow and BIG-IP

About This Solution

The Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (Cisco APIC) is the unifying point of automation and management for the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) fabric. The Cisco APIC provides centralized access to all fabric information, optimizes the application lifecycle for scale and performance, supporting flexible application provisioning across physical and virtual resources.

For additional information, visit www.cisco.com/go/apic.

About This Demonstration

This preconfigured demonstration includes:

  • Scenario 1: Deploy Service Graph using F5 iApps in Cisco ACI with F5 iWorkflow
  • Scenario 2: Modify L4 – L7 deployed graph parameters
  • Scenario 3: Remove APIC Service Graph
  • Scenario 4: Using POSTMAN REST client to deploy service graph

There are two options to complete each lab task

  1. Using iWorkflow and APIC UI – Scenario 1
  2. Using POSTMAN REST client (APIC Only) – Scenario 4

The goal of ACI is to accelerate application deployment by building L4-L7 policy into Cisco ACI model. We recommend using the REST client model as the most effective way to execute the APIC portion of the lab; for BIG-IP and iWorkflow, please continue to use the UI. You are encouraged to use the UI screen shots as a reference to the tasks executed by POSTMAN.