2.4. Remove APIC Service Graph

2.4.1. APIC – Remove Only Service Graph Deployment

The easiest way to remove a service graph deployment, which is same as removing virtual server from the BIG-IP, yet remain all the EPG and device selection policy parameters for easy re-deployment is to un-associate a service graph under the contract subject.

Go to the contract subject by clicking the following:

Tenants SJC -> Security Policies -> Contracts -> web2app-contract -> Subject

Move the mouse to Service Graph and hover near the drop-down menu, you will see “X”, click “X” and graph will be removed from contract subject:


Click “X”, the service graph SJC/WEB will disappear:


Click “SUBMIT”


Notice iWorkflow: Tenant, Service and Node are empty:


BIG-IP, the partition is removed, including all virtual servers and network related configurations:


2.4.2. APIC – Re-deploy Service Graph

In order to re-deploy the same graph, simply go to contract subject and re-associate SJC/WEB under Service Graph:


Click “SUBMIT”


You will see the Application Service is redeployed in iWorkflow and BIG-IP




Notice the tenant VID, graph ID and the RD values are different from previous deployment.

2.4.3. APIC – Remove all graph associated objects

If you want to clean up all the related objects of the deployed graph template, go to:

Tenants SJC ->L4-L7 Services -> L4-L7 Service Graph Templates, right click on the graph template WEB, then select

“Removed Related Objects of Graph Template”



Contract: web2app-contract

Provider EPF: App1/app

Radio button: “remove both contracts and relations to the EPGs”

Check box:

Remove related EPF parameters <- this will remove all L4-L7 parameters of this particular contract/graph/node under EPG

Remvoe related device selection policies <- this will remove connectivity policy of this particular contract/graph/node

Click “SUBMIT”


Notice on APIC:

EPG app: related L4-L7 Services Parameters are removed

Related Devices Selection Policies is removed

Related contract is removed




F5 iWorkflow configuration related to APIC tenant and service graph is un-configured


BIG-IP is also clean:


2.4.4. APIC – Remove L4-L7 Devices from Tenant Common

Remove the L4-L7 logical device cluster from common tenant.

Tenant Common->L4-L7 Services -> L4-L7 devices -> , right click on the logical device cluster and click delete

This will also delete the device group from the BIG-IP (no device group correcponding to the logcail device cluster present anymore)


2.4.5. APIC – Remove Device Manager from Tenant Common

Remove the device manager from common tenant.

Tenant Common->L4-L7 Services -> L4-L7 devices -> Device Managers-> ‘dcloud-device-manager, right click on the device manager and click delete

2.4.6. APIC – Remove Device Manager Type from L4-L7 Services

Remove the device manager type from L4-L7 services

Go to L4-L7 Services -> Inventory -> Device manager types , right click on the device manager and click delete

vThis conclude Scenario 3 “Remove APIC Service Graph” lab.