2.3. Modify L4 – L7 deployed graph parameters

User can modify deployed graph parameters, only parameters mark “Tenant Editable” in iWorkflow can be changed in APIC. Once a graph is deployed, user need to go under Application Profiles / EPG level in order to make changes to deployed graph parameters. The deployed graph parameters reside under the provider EPG, in this case, it is the app EPG.

Go to APIC Tenant SJC -> Application Profiles -> App1 -> Application EPGs -> EPG app -> L4-L7 Service Parameters, click the pen button:


Select the following:

Contract Name: SJC/web2app-contract

Graph Name: SJC/WEB

Node Name: ADC

Then click “All Parameters”


Expand WEB folder, double click on pool__port, change the value from 80 to 8080, then “UPDATE”




Notice on iWorkflow, under Services, the port value is updated to 8080


BIG-IP virtual server reflects the same configuration update


This concludes Scenario 2 “Modify L4 – L7 deployed graph parameters” lab.